Garage Phone: (740) 259-5541
Courthouse Phone: (740) 355-8265


    Scioto County maintains the third largest number of bridges for counties in the state of Ohio at 493 structures. This includes all structures ten (10) foot span and larger on both County and Township roads. All 493 structures are inspected annually by county personnel. Construction and maintenance of bridges is performed by a combination of County forces and Contractors.


    Scioto County maintains the twelfth largest number of road miles for counties in the state of Ohio at 415 miles. This 415 miles of roadway is split across 122 different County roads. Construction and maintenance of roads is performed by a combination of County forces and Contractors.


    The County Engineer is the engineer for the Township Trustees. The County Engineer provides to the townships project design and consulting, road maintenance assistance, grant project cooperation, emergency assistance, and material purchase assistance. Beginning in 2017 the County Engineer manages a cooperation project with local townships. The project includes bulk material purchases and joint grant-funded projects. As of 2019, a total of $900,000 in grant funding has been acquired for townships. This program is operated in conjunction with the County Commissioners, County Auditor, and County Prosecutor.


    Assist the City of Portsmouth and the Villages in the County with engineering support on projects, project design, project consultation, grant applications, and grant funding, coordination with the Ohio Department of Transportation, roadway maintenance, emergency assistance and GIS mapping program. This program is operated in conjunction with the County Commissioners, County Auditor, and County Prosecutor.


    Create and maintain the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping system. This developing program includes the County Tax Appraisal Maps, historical aerial images, and survey plats. The system permits searches by owner name, parcel number and address. This evolving system will include utilities, voting precinct/ward maps, zoning districts, and other valuable public information. This system is maintained in conjunction with the County Commissioners and the County Auditor.


    Assign 911 driveway addresses for the areas covered under the county program including Otway, Rarden and South Webster. 911 addresses are assigned based on the centerline mileage along the road. The areas of Wheelersburg, Rosemount and West Portsmouth are on the block system. The Village of New Boston and the City of Portsmouth assign addresses within their respective jurisdictions.


    Review new survey descriptions and plats of property submitted for transfer or recording of property for compliance with state laws. Perform survey work on County and Township Road construction projects. Maintain records of existing road right-of-way and vacations. This work is done in conjunction with the County Auditor, the County Recorder, and the Planning Commission.


    The Engineer’s Office provides this service on County roads for the traveling public. Utilizing 12 trucks in adverse weather and road conditions it takes approximately 4-6 hours to treat the roads and 6-8 hours to both plow and treat the roads.


    Write grant applications to obtain outside financial assistance for the completion of the County infrastructure improvements. Sources of financial assistance includes the Federal Highway Administration, Ohio Department of Transportation, Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Ohio Public Works Commission.


    Provide several other services for Scioto County. We are proud of our area and are happy to provide these services.


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